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24K BRUNO as Bruno Mars - Afternoon Session

Sat 07 Sep 2024 from 14:00pm in The Main Club

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Member Ticket only – £10

Non-member Ticket only – £15

Children Under 14 Ticket only – £5

Doors Open 1pm

On Stage 2pm

24k BRUNO as Bruno Mars

The vision for 24K BRUNO began early 2017 when Director/Producer, Shane was working at an open mic evening for The Hertfordshire College of Music, where he teaches music tuition. He introduced on stage, a diploma student called Andres Cruz, who was showcasing his own material, as well as performing cover songs. Shane was immediately struck by Andres talent, as he sang and played the piano. The audience seemed to love him, and when he performed a couple of Bruno Mars hits, Shane had the first sparks of an idea! Having played for various other tribute acts himself, Shane could see the incredible potential in Andres, and thought what an amazing tribute to Bruno Mars he could be. After the set was over, Shane spoke to Andres about whether he had ever considered anything like it before, and the response was ‘No, but I’d like to!’

Time passed, and with Andres busy with the last stages of his diploma course, and Shane teaching and performing, the initial conversation hadn’t gotten much further. That was until Shane unexpectedly received a call from an agent putting on a showcase in Brighton, who was looking for a Bruno Mars tribute. Shane was straight on the phone to Andres to see if he was still interested in working together, and thankfully he was! With only just over a week to get prepared, Shane called upon friend and colleague, Jenny Bater-Sinclair, Director of successful dance school and production company, Hip Hop Pop. Jenny choreographed and taught Andres and 3 other dancers routines to 24K Magic and Uptown Funk, whilst Shane created the music and rehearsed the band. The showcase was really well received and performing Bruno’s tracks live had been so much fun. Everyone had pulled it together to put on such a great performance on such short notice, but what was next?

Shane knew that they were onto something very big and couldn’t allow the idea of the show to rest, whilst waiting for agents to come forward with offers of work. He decided to go ahead and book The Harlow Playhouse himself, under Hip Hop Pop Productions. With barely any funds, the whole show had to be built, produced, and created by one man, who was fortunate enough to receive help from some of his very talented and generous family and friends! With Jenny and Hip Hop Pop on board, the whole process snowballed, with additional help coming from Flying Shark Media creating the screen work, and On The Spotlight putting their magic touch on the show with some fantastic lighting. Finally, a year on from when the project began, with a lot of dedication and hard work from the man himself, Andres Cruz, we’re finally here.