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LEANNE LOVE as CELINE DION live in the Moldy Fig

Thu 22 Dec 2022 from 21:00pm in The Moldy Fig

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Members Dining + Ticket– £42
Dining + Ticket– £47

Hotel Deal - Dinner Bed & Breakfast plus tickets for all events on the day just £149 per couple

Doors open 6pm

On Stage 9pm


"The moment Leanne Love enters the stage with her beautiful sparkling dresses and her instantly recognisable voice her natural slim slender body, you can sense the warmth from this well-rehearsed and incredibly talented and beautiful singer. BUT when she starts singing her first song your hairs will stand on end as you really could be watching the real Céline Dion, as Leanne is that good. I have had the pleasure of watching Leanne Love live now three times and each time she WOWS when she hits the high notes and purrs out the soft, romantic, and gentle ones. If like me you love Céline, then you MUST watch Leanne LOVE perform. She will truly take your breath away and you will be in awe as she not only sings like Céline, but she looks like her too. I have had the pleasure of seeing Céline Dion live but close your eyes as you watch Leanne Love and you too can imagine you are watching her live in Las Vegas!" - James Harden, 2020

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