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SPIRIT CALLING An Evening of Clairvoyance with the mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

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Doors Open 6.30pm

On Stage 7.30pm

SPIRIT CALLING - An Evening of Clairvoyance with the mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

Enjoy the phenomenal mediumship of husband and wife mediums Craig and Jane. Famed for their startling accuracy Craig and Jane will bring you heart-warming messages from the beyond.  Never before have you seen such a sparkling evening of clairvoyance filled with so many uplifting messages from the spirit world.

Craig and Jane’s uniquely powerful mediumship is globally recognized. They have recently demonstrated their gifts in America and appeared on shows in Iceland, Russia, Greece, South Korea, Japan, India and more. Their 15 books are published in ten languages.  The press hail them as the "Heirs to Doris Stokes”.

Craig and Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and America including the series ‘Our Psychic Family’ and multiple BBC documentaries.  Millions of viewers in 29 countries saw them on America TV’s Princess Diana séances. They have toured with friends of Princess Diana and the royal correspondent.

You can now watch them live at this inspiring event. Join them for an amazing evening of evidential mediumship with uplifting messages from the spirit. The proofs they give are mind-boggling and will reveal the incredible possibilities of real mediumship.

Craig and Jane work in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion. They sympathize with suffering and loss and bring heartening messages of hope and comfort to those in need. You will enjoy their wit and banter as well as overwhelming proof that life continues after death.

There is no one in this world -or the next - quite like Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. They are unique.

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The show is investigatory and for the purpose of entertainment.