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PhoneyFest 2022

Fri 19 Aug 2022 from 19:00pm in The Main Club

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SUNDAY is FAMILY DAY - All ages welcome!

FRIDAY - Members £20 Non Members £25 (Premium prices from 15 August M £22 NM £27) 
SATURDAY - Members £30 Non Members £35 (Premium prices from 15 August M £35 NM £40) 

SUNDAY - Members £30 Non Members £35 Under 18s £12 (Premium prices from 15 August M £33 NM £38 U18s £15) 

DINING TICKET FOR EVENING in MAIN RESTAURANT (available Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

£30 - 3 Course Meal for Evening

GLAMPING TENTS (per tent and sleep 4 - includes tickets and breakfast)- Dinner not included SOLD OUT

£395 for 2 night stay (Early Bird Prices until 1st June 2022)

£450 for 3 night stay (Early Bird Prices until 1st June 2022)

This includes 3 days tickets, 3 days 3-course evening meals

MEMBERS £160 (Premium prices from 15 August M £17 )

NON MEMBERS £180 ((Premium prices from 15 August NM £190)

This will be the 10th year of PhoneyFEST.  Over the last 10 years we have seen the greatest tribute bands in the UK take centre stage.  2022 is no exception as we welcome over 40 different tribute acts to 3 stages. 

From P!nk to the Robbie, country legend Dolly Parton to Jersey Boys, Tom Jones to Rod Stewart, Ellie Goulding to Queen... PhoneyFEST has it all and more!

Book your ticket online now and make the summer of 2022 something to really look forward to!

Friday 19th August 2022



7:00pm                 Simply Springsteen as BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

8:00pm                 Stereotonics as THE STEREOPHONICS

9:00pm                 Being Bryan Adams as BRYAN ADAMS

10:00pm               Blues Brothers Inc as THE BLUES BROTHERS

11:00pm               Oasish as OASIS


8:00pm       TRIBUTE TO THE 80s

9:00pm      ADELE

10:00pm               TRIBUTE TO THE 90s


Saturday 20th August 2022



12:00pm               Legend as BOB MARLEY

1:30pm                 Nicola Marie as MADONNA

2:30pm                 Rockaoke

4:00pm                 RU40 as UB40

5:15pm                 Take This as TAKE THAT

6:30pm                 Totally Blondie as BLONDIE



1:00pm      Alvin as ELVIS

2:00pm                 Tania as KAREN CARPENTER

3:00pm                 Darren as MICK HUCKNELL

4:00pm                 Nicola Marie as AMY WINEHOUSE

5:00pm                 Darren as ELVIS PRESLEY

6:00pm                 Nicola Marie as SHANIA TWAIN

7:00pm                 Garry Pease as ROD STEWART

8:00pm                 Rocketmax: Max as ELTON JOHN




7:30pm                 Turn Back Time with ABBA AND CHER

8:30pm                 West End Jerseys AS THE JERSEY BOYS

9:30pm                 Born Gaga as LADY GAGA

10:40pm               ULTRA 90íS



Sunday 21st August 2022



12:00pm               Tom White as ED SHEERAN

1:00pm                 MacBusted Tribute as MACBUSTED

2:15pm                 Rockaoke

3:15pm                 BUZZ as PRINCE

4:00pm                 PRINCES OF POP

5:00pm                 The Dolly & Kenny Show as DOLLY PARTON and KENNY ROGERS

6:00pm                 PRINCES OF MOTOWN

7:00pm                 Tony Lewis as Robbie Williams

8:00pm                 Pure Queen as QUEEN




2:00pm                 Liss Jones as ELLIE GOULDING

3:00pm                 Best of Britney as BRITNEY SPEARS

4:00pm                 So Taylor as TAYLOR SWIFT

5:00pm                 Love Dua as DUA LIPA

6:00pm                 Tom White as LEWIS CALPALDI

7:00pm                 Liss Jones as CHRISTINA AGUILERA

8:00pm                 A Girl Called Dusty as DUSTY SPRINGFIELD




7:15pm                 Black Eyed Peaz as BLACK EYED PEAS

8:30pm                 24K Bruno as BRUNO MARS

9:30pm                 BUZZ as JAMES BROWN

10:40pm               Vicky Jackson as P!NK


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